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Day One of the Workout Tree

I was praying LB would go the full 11 hrs last night (man that seems like a long time to sleep), because I knew that 5 am was going to really hurt this morning. The daycare syndrome seems to be fully attacking my toddler’s nose, and has now infiltrated her lungs.

With the recent recalls, I’ve been scared to give her ANYTHING, and I don’t want to take her to the doctor when I know I’ll just get the standard “Try sitting with her in a hot shower.” So instead I’ve hooked up a humidifier in our room. She’s had two nights this past week where she woke up in a coughing fit and and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I was really crossing my fingers that the humidifier would do some justice.

At 5 am when my vibrating alarm went off, LB was sleeping soundly (ok, wheezing a little). I woke up completely at about 5:15, which is only a third of the way through my pilates video, instead of half way (yay an improvement!). I woke poor JL up at 5:30 and neither of us sounded very thrilled, but at least we actually followed through. What happened after that is any body’s guess. I BETTER read about it on your BLOGS LADIES!

I took a shower this morning, which promptly woke up my bubbo a half an hour early, but other than that, I think it was a highly successful day one of the tree. LETS KEEP IT UP! WOO HOO!

Haha, I know they are all thinking “this new haircut has literally gone to her head”. Love you guys!

P.S. I’m now eating my toddler’s Gerber Puffs for a snack. They only have 25 calories per 60 puffs. Now THAT is pathetic.


3 thoughts on “Day One of the Workout Tree”

  1. I totally followed through and woke up Jiji. She didn’t sound thrilled either, but she promised to call Curmudgeon. I totally worked out AND blogged about it. Love you =)


  2. Okay.. so I know this post is over a year old.. but I had to comment on the Gerber puff snack thing. I don’t know if you’ve been to (I think that is the website) but they actually recommend snacking on those! Because of the fact that you can eat so many.. I mean, 4 puffs for 1 calories. That’s awesome!


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