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The Lottery

I was reading some other blogs and found a post on “what you would do if you won the lottery?”

Here is what I would do:

1. Buy my parents a Vineyard in either Northern California or Southwest Colorado (which ever they wanted). That way my mom could work from home, drink wine, and stroll through the grape fields, and my dad could quit his carpet cleaning job, get inspired, play music and write songs. They could have separate houses at each end of the vineyard so they wouldn’t have to see each other if they didn’t want to. There would be an awesome hippy “Common House” for wine tastings, music parties and potlucks, where my parents could live out the rest of their lost-idealistic days.

2. Buy Rooferman a trip to Ireland, where he would stay there indefinitely, researching his family history, meeting distant relatives, finding out what his heritage is, and putting together some pieces that are still hanging in his life. Oh, and drinking a lot of Guinness and Bailey’s.

3. Start some kind of a fund for LB’s post-18 year old world. I don’t know anything about investing, but if I was rich, I would hire someone to do the thinking for me. If I could learn how to do it myself, I would, but honestly, every time someone tries to explain the stock market to me, my right brain goes into a coma. Yes, it’s embarrassing. I just want my daughter to have some sort of nest-egg that she can use for college, travel, charity, down-payment, whatever she wants, so I can give her a jump-start in her adult life.

4. Buy a huge amount of acreage so I could open a drive-in. The only drive-in we had in the space of 100 miles was sold last year to make way for more… guessed it…CONDOS. If I could strategically locate a drive-in between Durango, Bayfield, Pagosa Springs and Ignacio, I know people would come from miles around.
In the summer it would be a world of barbecues, and tailgate parties, dog-friendly and kid friendly nights, themed events like Rocky Horror, Disney Classics, Anime Night and 90’s Action movies. But that’s not all. It wouldn’t have to shut down in the winter because there would also be a small indoor theatre as well. A theatre big enough to have id say 80-100 people max with a balcony. I would have a liquor license so we could have live events like battle of the bands, contra dances, and midnight movies. It would be a community gathering between all the towns of La Plata County. An Event Center for both kids and adults, all year long.

My mother thinks that there is no way I would make any money on a prospect like that. She thinks people would rather stay at home and watch their HD-TVs, which I don’t disagree with. She is convinced I will always pick the least sensible option. But I’m sure she would take the vineyard with no complaints.


3 thoughts on “The Lottery”

  1. I would SO help you with the drive-in. I think it would make serious bank since there isn’t alot of forms of entertainment here. Love ya!


  2. Can we put in a bowling alley next door? P.S. Yes, you may double-date Champ Bailey and Matt Holliday. As long as you don’t mind Matty seeing other people. 🙂


  3. I know I’d love to have a drive-in nearby. DVDs are more convenient but it sounds like your concept is more of a social event, which people are always willing to go out for if it’s their kind of thing. =) besides, if you were rich enough to have someone do your thinking for you, I’m sure you’d invest some for yourself in such a way that it wouldn’t be overly important whether the drive-in made money or not.


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