12 Goals for this Week

1. I will not HAVE TO finish everything in front of me

2. I will not SCARF

3. I will not eat while doing other things

4. I will not eat right before bed

5. I will not eat my lunch at 11:00 am because I know its in the fridge and I can’t wait till noon

6. I will not go over the break room and obsessively look for leftover brownies

7. I will eat at least one salad a day

8. I will walk once a week with my buddies

9. I will do a work-out tape (when I move into my own place and my mother can no longer make fun of me)

10. I will not be driven by the “but it’ll go to waste” mantra

11. Left-Overs are the devil

12. Brownies are Satan


2 thoughts on “12 Goals for this Week”

  1. There should be some kind of Worker’s Compensation limit to the number of times a single office is exposed to brownies, going-away party cakes and Girl Scout cookies. The worst is leftover Halloween candy. Dear God. Good luck.


  2. Brownies ARE SATAN =) (I love the drawing by the way) If you want to walk MORE than once a week, I’m down. We could park at my place and walk in the park or to Subway for dinner or something. I love the goals. Talk to ya soon =)


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