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Broncos vs Colts


The Broncos are heading to Indianapolis this weekend to duel Peyton Manning and the Colts. I read in an article that Peyton Manning has done more television commercials than any other Quarterback in the last 5 years. You can see his face EVERYWHERE, and sadly its not a pretty face.
I know Jay Cutler may look like a sack of potatoes in a helmet, but Manning has that whole “I got kicked in the nose” thing going on. I’m not being mean, but there is still a little feminist in me that is scowling. Britney Spears gets up on stage and people practically scream “GET OFF YOU FAT UNTALENTED COW” and Peyton Manning can endorse every credit card and beer ad with his screwed-up, fugly lookin nose. No one makes a comment.

No one that is, except for the wonderboy that is Tom Brady. Even though Brady is like a walking Calvin Klein ad, he considers the mass self-promotion of Peyton Manning to be cheap and without class. Brady apparently said that the Patriots would throw insults at Manning at the Line of Scrimmage, quoting some of his less flattering TV ads. Well Christ, Tommy Boy, when you don’t even have to try to get advertising, life is a little easier for you, isn’t it?

Brady, who now is the spokesman for Stetson, has also been nominated for Man of the Year, as well as topping numerous lists in Sports Illustrated and other magazines, plus he’s dating Leo Dicaprio’s Ex- Giselle….Whatever-Her-Last-Name-Is-Like-Anyone-Really-Cares-When-Shes-Wearing-Those-Wings. Peyton on the other hand is humbly married.

With Brady and Manning both sporting Superbowl bling rings, our little Chandleresque Cutler has a long way to go to compare to each of these celebrities. Brady is the Prom King, Peyton the All-Star, and Cutler the quiet kid in the back of the class who stands up one day and shocks em all. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping for. Maybe not this weekend, but I have faith in Cutler. I’m a rookie myself 😉

Go Broncos.


3 thoughts on “Broncos vs Colts”

  1. Yes! Jay Cutler as Chandler! I love it! P.S. Don’t forget about your Colorado Rockies. They are in a playoff race right now and have won 11 games in a row. And our new bang-up shortstop, 22-year-old Troy Tulowitzki, is in consideration for Rookie of the Year. Break out the purple beer, this is the Rockies’ year! That was not meant to rhyme.


  2. Hehehe. It is so on this weekend. I totally agree with karmatee too, it is the Rockies year. I’ve been watching all their games and have never seen them as hungry as they are this year. We should get together and watch the game this weekend; provided I’m not frantically painting my house that is…


  3. Such a good point about Manning’s awful looks and his ability to hawk product regardless. Such a double standard.

    And Tom Brady as man of the year? Hmph! Didn’t he leave his pregnant girlfriend for Gisele?


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