My grandma and LB. I can’t remember my great grandmother. I think I was 3 when I met her and she died shortly afterwards. My grandma takes care of LB on the days when daycare is closed, or I need to drive to the ER, stuff like that.
She has greatly impressed me with her ability to multitasking an exuberant 16 month old and a neurotic toy poodle (yes, its name is Precious). I’m also happy thinking that maybe she’ll be around long enough for LB to remember her for a while. She loves her “Gi Gi


1 thought on “G G”

  1. LB is about as a cute a kiddo as I have ever seen. It’s awesome that you have your mom and grandmother helping out. Does yo’ babydaddy parents help you at all? Also, I think bonnets are a daring fashion statement for babies. Bonnets are the new black. Love it.


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