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One day I will have an original blog idea.

I’ve been on an idea stealing spree obviously. I stole my good friend’s car blog idea, then my other blogger friend’s breastfeeding rant, so why not go for three and steal another blogger’s idea: Meme. What is a Meme by the way?

Here goes: Your middle name meme.


M- Mama. mostly mature and modest at moments. Hehe. Mama is still a relatively new term for me, even after 15 months of it, but I think I may be starting to get used to it. I kind of like being described as a mama, maybe even a milf? 🙂

A- Artistic. When I was little I used to paint, draw, sculpt, pretty much create anything I could. My mother hooked me up with every artistic friend she had (being a hippy, she had LOTs) to tutor me. She still has a picture I drew at age 3 of a “witch”, consisting mostly of huge circles with ratty-looking sticks coming out of them. She considers it “brilliant.” I haven’t drawn or painted anything in over 5 years, and it makes a me a little sad sometimes. Does that mean I’m not an artist anymore?

R- Romantic-turned Realist. I was that girl in high school who watched Titanic 7 times. I was that girl who plastered pictures of a winged Claire Danes in “Romeo and Juliet” all over her locker. I was in musicals. I believed in true love. Then I grew up. My high school (I went to a small charter school) barely employed enough teachers to keep it running. However, after three years of bonding with those amazing teachers, I was told senior year that 75% would not be coming back, and most of my favorite classes (art, music, drama, creative writing) would no longer be offered, due to lack of funds. That was it for me. I no longer wanted to go to college. Working my fast-food job gave me more satisfaction than writing poetry or trying out for a play. A little dramatic I know, but it gave me a dose of reality, and helped me understand that you don’t always get what you want in life. I started to value common-sense over intellectual elitism, take pride in my adaptability and durability of spirit. The thing I want to pass on to my daughter the most: Courage- its more valuable than talent.

I- Inquisitive. I am not afraid to try new things, live in new places, meet new people. I like asking questions. My in-laws, (or babydaddy’s parents) thought I was nosy and disrespectful when I first met them, telling me to “respect your elders” when I asked them how they met. I respected them (hell, I lived with them for 3 months), but I wouldn’t hide my thirst for knowledge just because they thought a girl my age should be “seen and not heard.” I don’t think curiosity is something one should be ashamed of. Eventually, we saw eye-to-eye and found a mutual respect, and I didn’t have to dumb myself down or violate their need for privacy.

E- Empathic. I think one of the hardest things to teach your child is to find the delicate balance between understanding others and preserving your sense of self. As a teenager, I justified everyone else’s actions before my own, even if they were in the process of damaging me. I defended the bullies who harassed me daily, wondering if they were driven by some unfortunate event in their lives. Instead of being able to empathize with them, as well as separating myself from their actions, I minimized my feelings to the point where I felt guilty to even being having them. I want my daughter to have enough strength to stand up for herself, as well as understand that injustice is in the world and you can survive it without making yourself a victim. I want her to know humanity is a rare and wonderful thing, and you can wield it with courage, helping others but not diminishing your own sense of worth in the process.

What’s your middle name meme?


1 thought on “One day I will have an original blog idea.”

  1. Okay..I love this idea. I do however think that you are stronger than you know. You are a single mom trying to make it in a town that is not easy to make it in. You totally inspire me.

    Love ya!


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