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Finally a moment

So this week has been hell to say the least. My daycare is a state-run program that technically has to begin a new “semester”every September. So in preparation for the new semester, they conveniently close their doors for 2 weeks.

Now I don’t know how popular all of you working mommies and daddies are out there, but I was one of those artsy, hippie kids in high school who had a core group of about 5-7 companions and never really stretched beyond those boundaries.

The upside: I still am very close with those 5-7 friends (which I think I can say, is very rare nowadays when you are pushing 25.5 years old) . I love those friends dearly.

The downside: It leaves very few options when your daycare closes and corners you with your thumb up your bum. Also, I don’t know anyone under the age of 35 who is NOT working a full time job, unless they have a very special significant other who supports them.

What about dropping in on other daycares, you ask? Don’t get me started. I’ve covered this topic in depth.

So I have my grandmother and my mother-in-law, the two beacons of light in my workweek dilemma. This leaves 3 days of non-coverage. I ended up working from home these three days, mostly after LB went to bed, and believe me, she did NOT go to bed early all week.

So, while trying to type a 26 page preschool evaluation worksheet while entertaining a teething 15 month old, I started getting a familiar throb in my wrist. Yes. Hand went back in the splint, dummy went back to the doctor.

About 7 months ago, Durango went through a serious health care crisis when the largest health care provider shut its doors. One of the only providers who accepted medicaid, medicare and CHP+ (which is the Colorado version of a step up from medicaid) shut its doors and left a huge number of people without doctors.

At the time I did not have to beau coup benefits package I now am receiving from the school district, so I technically did not have a primary care physician, and had not been to the doctor since my follow-up from my c-section in 2006.

This led to my referral to the leftover clinic that remained after Valley-Wide shut down. This doctor told me that I needed an x-ray when I came in about my wrist. I told her the doctor at the hospital had said I did NOT have a fracture and did not need an x-ray, but this doc insisted.

All I really wanted was to get some advice on how to prevent my wrist from giving out in the future, and still be able to pick up my daughter. I wanted strengthening tips, exercises I could do, etc…

What I got instead was a useless x-ray and a bottle of painkillers. How disappointed I am in our health care system. But what else is new?

So now its Saturday, I’m high on lortabs and still clueless on how to be a smarter, less-stressed wrist-flailer.

Hey, I guess that’s why I have the Internet. WebMD is free and sadly, I think I might get better information from it than this sad excuse for a doctor. (No offense to all the lovely docs I have linked on my page.)


1 thought on “Finally a moment”

  1. Sorry to hear about your wrist. And your daycare. One thing I hated about my very positive experiences with daycare was those ‘days off’, like I had my kids in daycare to make my life convenient or something. 2 weeks is a bit excessive.

    Regarding your experience with the doctor, sounds disappointing. Not to excuse the care that you got, but sometimes in a busy practice we lose perspective on what patients are looking for. Many patients with your complaint are looking for two things: pain pills (always #1) and a ‘test’, because the respect for clinical judgement is poor. You may find better care if you are able to be clear on what you are looking for: ‘I want to find out what I can do to prevent this from happening again.’ When I see a patient for a cold who says ‘I just wanted to make sure I won’t need an antibiotic’ I can approach the interaction much more easily than a patient who I interpret as being there to get an antibiotic.

    Of course, some doctors just don’t communicate well. I’m not implying that the outcome was your fault. Understanding a patient’s expectations can be helpful.


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