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Hi There,
I have looked at two apartments in the last week. The first was amazing:

  • 1bedroom -$650/month – which included utilities.
  • Upstairs bedroom with balcony overlooking Lightner Creek.
  • Front porch with deck.
  • Gas Stove.
  • Month to Month Rental options.
  • Lots of landscaped property for LB to run around on.
  • Nice local landlords who plow the driveway faithfully in the winter.
  • Clean carpets.
  • 5 minutes to work/daycare

They of course got 40+ calls over the weekend and decided to go with a strapping young man who would help them with the yard work instead of a single mommy who worked full time. Very upsetting. This was, by far, the most attractive rental I have seen yet. I thought I had a shot at it too, after talking to the landlords for a while. I mean, hey- they didn’t refuse to see me because I had a baby, that’s a plus in itself.

Very nice people, even called me to let me know they had picked someone else, instead of blowing me off (which is what people usually do).

I then went to look at the second rental.

  • $625 + $140 in utilities (no choice in the matter, since the apt is part of a house).
  • 350 total sq footage.
  • No living room, only a kitchen with a bathroom off one end, and a bedroom off the other.
  • Ceilings so low I could reach them, and I’m 5’5″.
  • Electric stove
  • Previous tenant had yet to move out, and his stuff was everywhere.
  • The property is actually up for sale
  • If the property DOESN’T sell before Oct, then you have to sign a lease for the winter.
  • The landlords live in New Mexico, therefore would not be there to fix issues.
  • Was dirty, disgusting and depressing.

I couldn’t believe how much they were trying to get for this place. They actually were showing it as an open house, and lots of people got to the front porch and turned around and left. This apartment was barely big enough to fit a dining room table in the kitchen, and a twin bed in the bedroom.

I was so discouraged after getting rejected from the lightner creek apt that even going to look at this place was a bad idea. I should have known better. And the worst part? I KNEW these people! They were my dad’s LANDLORDS. Total granola hippies. Scum-sucking, money-grubbing, dirty Hippies.

It makes me sad to think I am described as one.


P.S. From now on I’m going to take photos of the places I look at, and have you rate them. Would you rent this place for this amount?



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