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My own worst enemy

So I know a lot of things are beyond my control that will impead my ability to further myself in the world: high cost of living, minimum wage, babydaddy’s failure to pay child support, ignorance, sexism, etc.. But sometimes, it really just ME kicking myself in the face.

Yesterday, I left my purse in the car for a half an hour and when I came back outside, my wallet had mysteriously vanished.

Why this is my own fault:

1. I left my car unlocked
2. I left my windows rolled down

Yes, I am a moron. I have become to lazy in thinking that people are good and trusting in my small, quaint, mountain town.

Why this is bad:

1. My driver’s license was in my wallet (really not such a big deal, I just have to drive without a license until I get paid next week)
2. My debt card was in my wallet (eh, I cancelled my account, no biggie)
2. Our Medicaid cards were in my wallet (bad cause someone might try to go to the doctor using my or LB’s card)
3. BOTH my and LB’s social security cards were in my wallet. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD.

I have already put a fraud watch out on my ss # and requested another card. But poor LB, she doesn’t have a credit report obviously and there’s no way to monitor her SS # (according to the Social Security Office) until someone starts using it for their own advantage. My daughter might already have horrible credit by the time she is able to get a credit card of her own because her mom was stupid enough to carry around BOTH ss cards in her wallet.

In my own defense though- In the last 2 months, I have filled out applications for Section 8 Housing Vouchers, Colorado Health Plans (like Medicaid), my own employer’s insurance, Colorado Housing, Habitat for Humanity, Request for LB’s birth certificate, Request for Social Security card, Child Care Assistance, Head Start, and plenty of other forms that require you to present social security cards for EVERY member of your household.

I don’t think that I went ONE week without submitting an application that needed my and LB’s ss card, so I usually had it in my purse.

I know this is no excuse. I should have taken the cards out of my wallet every day as soon as I got home.

Sometimes I think I need a crash course on life before actually living it. Especially now that I have a child. There’s so many mistakes you make and how are you supposed to recover from them without incurring permanent damage? I wonder if LB will be the youngest person in the world to have her identity stolen? Does this legally count as “Wrongs to Children”?

Haha. Ok. I will get through this. It is a minor set-back on my way to independence and harmony with the world. All I need is a paycheck, and that will set off the chain reaction to my self-sufficiency.


2 thoughts on “My own worst enemy”

  1. My purse was stolen in December. I left it in a SHOPPING CART. Talk about dumb.

    But don’t beat yourself up. My SS card was in my wallet, too. Sigh.


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