A Dose of Reality

This is a terrible thing to say about another human being, but honestly, from the viewpoint of someone who has seen her friends go to jail for far less than what Paris Hilton did, I cannot describe the inexplicable joy I felt when the Judge sent her back to the detention center. My thoughts on the situation? Economic Justice. Momentary Class Equality. Hope for Social Empathy. Triumph over the rich who are undeserving of their wealth. This may sound over dramatic and one-sided, but there is not a person more “undeserving of their wealth” than Paris Hilton.

Someone who made no attempt in their life to join the workforce (and I do not count her 15 minutes of fame as a “Pop Star”), felt that the only worthy peers were celebrities, and the only worthy pastimes were to find a way to be on camera, has a seriously narrow view of what the real world encapsulates.

The most insulting thing I find about Paris Hilton is the way she insulted and ridiculed the working class in her idiotic reality show: “The Simple Life”. The premise for this show was to stick the uppity spoiled brat into situations where she would theoretically be forced to complete actual labor. This was intriguing to me, but the product was so infuriating and disgusting to me that I think it hardened my heart against this person forever. I don’t think Paris completed ONE job on “The Simple Life”. Most of the episodes showed her side-stepping responsibility and humiliating the workers and families she was involved with. I don’t understand how anyone who has a 9-5 job could find this show entertaining.

My close friend, who violated his probation (which is exactly what Paris Hilton did) was sentenced to 9 months in DOC Boot Camp, where he was forced through physical, mental and emotional hardship the entire time and came out like a champ. Paris could not make it through 3 WHOLE DAYS in a COUNTY JAIL without crying for help.

Another dear friend of mine was sent to Prison at the age of SEVENTEEN for being in the car which was involved in a robbery. He stayed there for 2 years and his life has been pointedly marred since then, due to serious trauma while in Federal DOC.

These people do not deserve to suffer through such hardships when others are given special treatment. They continue to work daily towards making an honest living, struggling to blend into a community that is small enough to remember their past faults. Paris Hilton will leave jail after her 23 days or so and resume her plush Beverly Hills existence. She will not struggle to find a job that does background checks. She will not be viewed as a criminal, only an heiress who made a mistake once. She will not have the emotional and mental scars that come from long periods of incarceration. I predict that hours after her release, she will be back to the Red Carpet once again.


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